WORKSHOP SERVICES – For Sales Teams and Sales Managers

Harvey J. Eisenstadt provides workshops employing those tools and knowledge he used during his very successful and rewarding more than 50 year career in sales. Harvey's cost effective Training Workshops are designed for one on one training, company sales teams and larger groups.

Sales Training Workshops take the salesperson from where they are to where they want to be in a step by step process. Salespeople will be empowered to immediately employ the tools and knowledge gained from these workshops to begin the process of building and strengthening relationships, closing more sales and developing lasting customer loyalty.

The values of Harvey's experience are incorporated into each step of his program. Strengthen your personal selling skills

  • Agree to disagree to win prospect confidence
  • Persistence and politeness gets you in the door
  • Create the image of a winner
  • Eliminate objections before they become objections
  • Move the prospect over to your side
  • Objections are opportunities, not roadblocks
  • Communicate to minimize attrition
  • Turn questions into positive statements with benefits
  • Answer question “Why should they buy from me"

  • Sales Management Workshops are designed to guide the Sales Manager with techniques and tools to effectively build and lead a winning sales team.

    Effective supervision and management of salespeople coupled with the confidence and respect of your team members are the critical criteria for sales success. This workshop will identify ways to enhance their skills and techniques of recruiting, managing, supporting and motivating the right sales people.

    Developing effective recruitment strategies

    Managing as leaders, tutors and mentors

    Supporting the team with strategies, planning and training

    Motivating through analysis, praise and encouragement

    "We asked Mr. Eisenstadt to come in and help us improve the prospecting, initial contact and appointment cycle with one of our outside sales associates. Within two months the actual number of appointments held by the associate improved by forty-three percent. We are pleased with the focused one on one training that Mr. Eisenstadt provided; furthermore, months later we continue to enjoy the impact of our investment in his services."

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