Consulting services provide the tools and knowledge that must be employed to effectively communicate those benefits and value to the prospect throughout the many stages of the sales process.

Businesses invest many dollars in the promotion and advertising of their products and services. It is critical to success to convert those investments to leads, appointments and sales.

Learn how to identify your markets and create the interest in your product or service in those markets.

Learn how to generate more leads when the prospect immediately relates to the benefit or value of your product or service so that they want to hear more.

Learn how to convert more leads to appointments using your own knowledge and positive interest creating statements and responses.

Learn how to eliminate objections you are already aware of before they become objections to an appointment or a close.

Your salespeople have a wealth of knowledge regarding prospects and their needs. Our consulting services show them how to identify that knowledge and use it effectively to strengthen relationships, convert leads to appointments and close more sales. Sales success is realized with product knowledge and when the communication of that knowledge is recognized as a benefit and/or value to the prospect.

I work with companies helping them to identify their markets, get more appointments and increase sales.

Services include helpful and supportive 30 second, 60 second and two minute elevator pitches.

Keynote presentations for special functions and events.

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