We offer several workshops, each focusing on a different aspect of sales and sales management. If you need something customized, please inquire about our consulting services.


Recognizing that most salespeople do not have the closing ratio that nears 100%, nor do they sell and market in a vacuum where there is no competition, this workshop takes the salesperson through the essential steps to answer the question, "Why Should They Buy From Me"?

Salespeople must understand and recognize that the strength of their selling skills in getting the buyer to buy is as influential to success as their knowledge of the product or service they are selling. This workshop takes the attendees through a seven step critical skills course providing the principles, at each step of the course, for the salesperson to strengthen their personal selling skills. Each step addresses and analyzes a critical skill vital to achieving successful sales results. The salesperson will take away tools and knowledge they can employ immediately to begin raising their closing ratio and compete successfully in their markets


** Step Up To Sales Success

This workshop will cover the basics and dynamic fundamentals for sales success in a step by step process focusing on building and strengthening relationships, handling objections, closing and converting satisfied prospects to delighted customers. Attendees will take part in an extremely powerful, interactive, and effective workshop, which will help sales teams grow their business profitably.

** Objections…The Salespersons Nightmare

Most salespeople find themselves reactively responding to objections when they ask for the order. This workshop provides the tools and knowledge to address objections proactively. Attendees will learn how to eliminate objections before they become objections when trying to close the sale. We take the attendees through the understanding of what the prospect is really saying when they raise an objection. We analyze the definition of “no” and provide the secrets to identifying and eliminating objections before they become the salespersons nightmare

** Building and Leading a Winning Sales Team

Sales Managers will develop the leadership skills required to recruit (locate, identify and select), support (expectations and training) and manage (understanding and guiding) a dynamic and motivated sales team. We will walk through each of these steps identifying and focusing on the critical criteria to build a winning team with the right salespeople.

Keynote Presentations:

Any of the workshops in Programs can be presented in a keynote presentation for meetings, conferences and conventions. Please contact us for more information and how we can accommodate your meeting, conference or convention.

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