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Harvey retired from a corporate sales position in the security industry in October 2006 and he continues to offer his expertise and services mentoring and training sales and management personnel in their quest to grow professionally and successfully.

Harvey authors a monthly column in three security industry magazines, The Mirror, The Sentinel and The Sentry distributed nationally and focusing on sales and sales management. His books include much of this cumulative knowledge.    

Harvey’s experience includes local, regional and national sales management as well as sales executive management. Using the wisdom gained, as a successful sales and sales management professional, Harvey has conducted workshops throughout the country while training and mentoring numerous sales and management personnel. 

In his workshops, Harvey eloquently relates his successful experience to the steps that are required to improve the salesperson’s performance and provide them with the knowledge and tools that will empower them to grow as salespeople and management executives. 

The value of his experience is incorporated into each step of his workshops. A critical segment of his workshops focuses on building and strengthening relationships and the direct effect this has on closing more sales, creating delighted customers and bonding management to their sales team.      

His workshops and keynote presentations are structured for the novice as well as veteran sales and management personnel; for one on one training, small or large sales team training, conferences and conventions.
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