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Step Up To Sales Success brings together 50 years of successful selling by Harvey J. Eisenstadt, an award winning consultant, trainer, speaker and author. Major themes include:

  • A Successful Sales Philosophy
  • Effective Sales Management
  • Personal Development for Sales Professionals

  • This book provides the tools and knowledge required by a highly successful sales winner. It is a useful tool for any sales person or management team that wants to propel their business and sales experience forward. Harvey brings together personal experience as well as proven methods and more than 50 years as a successful salesman and sales consultant.



    "Training Is A Necessity Not an Option" 

    "Practice Does Not Necessarily Make Perfect....Perfect Practice Makes Perfect"

    "Amateurs Keep Practicing Till They Get It Right ....  Professionals Keep Practicing So They Do Not Get It Wrong"

    Climb The Ladder To Success One Step At A Time Assuring A Firm Positive Foothold At Each Step"

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